Best restaurants in Parkview city Islamabad

Best Restaurants in Park View City Islamabad

If you live in or near Park View City and struggle to find the best food street or restaurants, this blog is for you. Today’s blog will tell you about 5 of the best restaurants in Park View City, Islamabad. 

Park View City Islamabad Food Valley is home to various famous food brands. From Indian, Turkish, and Italian to fast food, it has everything for gourmets. Food Valley Islamabad is an amazing place to visit with family and friends. 

It offers one of the most beautiful outdoor food experiences in Islamabad. A couple of amazing food options are available to enjoy according to your taste. Your food cravings and hunger will surely be settled after exploring the below-mentioned restaurants. So, let’s talk about them one by one. 

5 Newly Opened Restaurants in Park View City Islamabad Food Valley

In today’s blog, we will discuss the 5 best eateries in Park View City, Islamabad. Below are the highly recommended eateries in the Food Valley of Park View City Islamabad. 

  1. PiNaBu
  2. Chayee Khana
  3. Gloria Jeans
  4. Smash’d
  5. Ottoman- Turkish Grill and Cafe 

Let’s get into their details one by one. So, gear up.

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PiNaBu is the best fast food restaurant in Islamabad. It has its first branch in F11 Markaz, and now, after its much-deserving hype, it has opened its second branch in Park View City Islamabad. PiNaBu’s specialty is its delicious, juiciest, and most crunchy Pizzas, Naans, and Burgers.

The taste of PiNaBu is exceptional and from another world. This fast food eatery is super affordable for everyone. The quality of the food items is like no other. Moreover, the staff’s friendliness and ambiance make it an ideal spot for having a perfect lunch or dinner.

In the Park View City branch, you can enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the surroundings with a perfectly delicious meal. Food Valley has a huge outdoor setting with the most attractive seating area. 

Chayee Khana

Chayee Khana is a famous Pakistani brand with numerous outlets nationwide. It has opened its new branch in Park View City Islamabad Food Valley.

This place is so serene, and the service is very good. They have some items that you don’t normally find in other places. The atmosphere is fantastic, and, that’s why people love to go there.

Their service is first-rate, and the staff is very friendly. You will be content with its food and service. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and family, with a Wonderful atmosphere, soothing music, and delicious food.

Gloria Jeans

Gloria Jeans, the world-famous cafe known for its delightful creamy coffee, has now opened its new branch in Park View City, Islamabad. Gloria Jean’s Coffee offers a delightful coffee experience. The coffee choices cater to diverse preferences.. No one can beat their coffee. 

They have the best staff, who are very well-mannered and cooperative. You can spend quality time there with your friends and family in the serene atmosphere while having the perfect cup of coffee. 

Moreover, you can also enjoy your me time or work there to unwind stress and boredom. You will have a wonderful coffee experience in the most pleasant atmosphere.


Islamabad’s favourite burger brand, Smash’D, has also opened its new branch in Park View City. Smash’D  is the best burger place in Islamabad. 

Everyone loves their burgers because they are reasonably priced, can be customized to your needs, and taste as authentic as possible. Their burgers taste heavenly until the last bite, and the size of the burgers is unbelievable. 

The owners are highly involved, and the staff friendliness is at its peak. They have maintained their standard and won the confidence of gastronomers by offering exceptional taste. They serve your order in just a blink of an eye, so you don’t have to tolerate your hunger.

Ottoman- Turkish Grill and Cafe 

Delicious food and beautiful vibes are perfect for a joyous evening. What else do you need? Ottoman is a newly opened Turkish restaurant in Park View City, Islamabad Food Valley.

Their menu covers a huge variety of Turkish cuisine with authentic Turkish taste. They are reasonably priced and offer you the best culinary experience. Its large outdoor seating area offers a beautiful meal experience amidst the breathtaking natural views.  

You will be impressed by the place’s hospitality, especially when you witness that the owners are involved in serving you and taking care of services to ensure every customer has the best experience.


In conclusion, you can consider all of these newly opened Best restaurants in Park View City Islamabad Food Valley as your next destination for outdoor dining with friends, family, or even solo.

We have almost visited their other branches in Islamabad’s different markaz, so now it’s time to enjoy the same taste but at different spots. They offer an unforgettable food experience with stunning mountainous views. Visit these Park View City eateries and tell us about your experience in the comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best fast food restaurant in Park View City, Islamabad?

PiNaBu is the best fast food restaurant in Park View Islamabad.

2. Which restaurant has the best food deals in Park View City?

PiNaBu offers the best fast food deals for its customers and also overall its prices are pretty reasonable because of the quality and quantity.

3. Which restaurant provides free birthday decor in Park View City Islamabad?

PiNaBu restaurant provides you with complimentary decor when you make event reservations.

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