7 Best Soup Places in Islamabad_

8 Best Soup Places in Islamabad

The winter season is soup season, but soups are not limited to winters. You can have soup at any time of the year. Finding a soup to your taste is tough, but don’t worry. In today’s blog, we will discuss 7 of the best soup places in Islamabad for you. Let’s overcome the freezes of this cold weather with delicious soups. So, Let’s begin.

8 Best Mouthwatering Soup Restaurants 

We have listed eateries with the best soup for you below. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. PiNaBu
  2. El Momento
  3. Soup Point
  4. Toba Soup
  5. Kim Mun Chineses Restaurant
  6. Asain Wok
  7. Ginyaki
  8. Secret Sky F-10


PiNaBu is Islamabad’s famous restaurant with a vast menu covering soups, fast food, and desserts. You can find one of the best soups here throughout the year. The cherry on top is that the prices of the soups are much lower than other eateries but are very rich in taste and quality. The eatery has the most sophisticated and relaxing ambience that offers you an unforgettable experience. 

You can have 2 different soups, i.e., Hot & Sour Soup and Chicken Corn Soup. The Hot and Sour Soup ingredients are chicken chunks, mixed vegetables, eggs, and served with full hot & sour sauce and for only Rs. 450. On the other hand, Chicken Corn Soup has chicken chunks and sweet corn with chicken broth, which is only for Rs 465. So, next time, you must visit this place with your friends and family for a fun hangout in winter.

Location: Shop#3, Ground Floor, Select One Plaza, Markaz, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad

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El Momento

El Momento stands as the king of steaks but besides its juicy, tender steaks. Its delicious soup is something beyond expectations. It offers one of the best soups in Islamabad, with unmatched taste and quality. This fine dining restaurant pays special attention to the hygiene and quality of its ingredients.

They have several soup options available, such as Szechuan Soup, Pomodoro Soup, Thai Chicken Soup and Corn Soup. You can order any according to your preference. In the chilly nights of winter, the cosy ambience of El Momento serves as the mattress of comfort. Make your chilly evening memorable at El Momento and enjoy your perfect bowl of Soup.

Soup Point

Soup Point is the best place for soup lovers in Islamabad, and if you agree to a roadside sitting or you can order in your car because plastic chairs and tables are placed around the roadside for customers, then you will love the experience. It is an excellent place with fantastic food and a stunning atmosphere. It has wonderful taste and is economical, too, for everyone.

Soup Point is an excellent open place for sitting and snacking. It offers soup with sliced boiled egg in just Rs. 80/- a bowl. A parcel facility is also available here. They have been selling soup for almost the last 28 years and have had the same unique taste over the years—a delicious, very light treat for winters.

Toba Soup

Toba Soup is the best desi Chinese soup point in the twin cities. The place is a haven for soup enthusiasts; it offers a diverse range of soup flavours, each bowl a comforting blend of freshness and rich taste. The most recommended soups are Chicken Corn Soup and Chicken Soup. 

It is an excellent place for families, offering the best soup in Islamabad at very reasonable prices. Soup is a speciality of the Toba; people of the twin cities appreciate its taste. It remains in high demand in winter. It serves as your saviour in the dark and cold Islamabad nights.

Address: Karachi Company, G-9 Islamabad 

Kim Mun Chineses Restaurant

Kim Mun Chinese It is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Islamabad and has the best soups. The ambiance of the restaurant is exceptional, with a mouthwatering taste and ample serving.

Their best soups are Kim Mun Special Soup and Hot and Sour. The perks of this eatery are a suitable and convenient location at Jinnah Super Market, large spacious parking, delicious food, and most friendly staff.

Location Jinnah Super Market F-7

Asain Wok

Asian Wok Islamabad has excellent dining facilities. The vibe and atmosphere of the place is at its peak. Due to the popularity of the restaurant, you may find the restaurant crowded, so you better get a reservation. It has exceptional taste, and when it comes to soups, the taste of soups is from another dimension. 

You must try their Asian Wok Special Soup and Hot and Sour Soup. It can be slightly expensive relative to others, but despite being on the pricey side, the quality and taste of the food made it worth every penny. The ambiance and the serving staff are the best in Islamabad. It’s a lovely place to hang out and eat and good for all gatherings.

Location: Beverly Centre, Jinnah Ave, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad


Ginyaki is a hidden gem and a fantastic Chinese restaurant in Islamabad. The ambiance of the eatery is inviting and very appealing. You will feel very relaxed in the soothing and heartwarming environment of the restaurant. 

It has a variety of soup options available, i.e., Ginyaki style hot and sour, Giyanki special soup, chicken corn soup, and Thai soup, all freshly made and cooked in a highly hygienic environment with the best quality ingredients. Ginyanki special soup is for only Rs 349/- and the rest of the soups are for only Rs 299. The overall food, ambience, and staff friendliness are incredible. 

Secret Sky f-10

It’s a perfect place with a cozy ambience and a serene atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying its cool vibes. They have a bonfire place as well, which creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Swings are here, too, for an increase in dopamine levels to get pleasure. Secret Sky provides you with an opportunity to have food with music and fun. 

It is a beautiful and calm place to spend quality time with your friends or partner in winter while having the perfect bowl of fresh and hot soup. The most ordered soups are 19B Soup, Mushroom Soup, and Love & Joy Hot & Sour Soup, starting from only Rs 399/-. Enjoy your bowl of delicious soup because you have every right over it!

Location: “Plot 16-C, Street 8, Idrees Market, F10/2, Islamabad.”


To sum up, all of these above-discussed 7 Best Soup Places in Islamabad are worth visiting restaurants, especially in winter, to have mouthwatering soups. Bring your classmates, families, friends, or office colleagues there and make your winter evenings memorial while having the perfect bowl of delicious hot soup.

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