What is the spiciest food in Pakistan

What Are The Spiciest Foods In Islamabad?

Are you Visiting Islamabad for the first time and finding it hard to find the spiciest foods? Don’t Worry—you’ve got to the right place. In today’s blog, we will discuss the 5 spiciest foods in Islamabad and where to find them.

Pakistan is famous worldwide for its species and spiciest foods, but people in Islamabad have slightly different taste buds than people in other cities in Pakistan. People in Islamabad like to eat mild or less spicy food, but if you are an outsider or visitor to Islamabad, you will find it really hard to find food to your taste. Let us help you to your next restaurant. So, let’s begin.

5 Most Spiciest Foods In Islamabad To Try 

We have listed 5 spiciest foods, from traditional Chinese to fast food, with the names of their restaurants to make it easier for you to locate your next destination.

  • Biryani- Hot and Spicy
  • Haleem- Haleem Ghr
  • Burgers- PiNaBu
  • Chow Mein- Asian Wok
  • Boneless Handi Curry- Tandoori

Let’s begin with the above-mentioned foods and restaurant details one by one.

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Chow Mein –  Asian Wok

Asian Wok is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad. It offers authentic Chinese taste in Pakistan. If you are a Chinese food lover and also want to try something spicier, then Asian Wok is your place.

Asian wok is the best place to have really yummy and spicy Chow Mein. They provide one of the best servings in town and excellent food quality. The Asian wok Special Chow Mein is delicious with a perfect blend of spice, chicken, and vegetables. The portion of the serving is justified for one person.

The ambiance of this place is cool and vibey, which makes you stay longer. The whole arrangement is amazing, and the staff is very professional and cooperative. Visit this place, and you will love it.

Biryani- Hot and Spicy

Biryani is Pakistan’s national favorite food, and if you want to try one of the best biryanis in Islamabad, then Hot and Spicy is your Place.

Hot and Spicy has become the most famous food chain in Islamabad. They have endless branches throughout the capital. Hot and Spicy’s specialty is its Boom Boom Rolls, but if you want to try something tasty and spiciest, then you should try their Biryani. Their Biryani is so delicious and spicy that it resonates with the restaurant’s name. Hot and Spicy is the Best restaurant for Biryani in Islamabad.

It is not a fancy restaurant but an average eatery with an average seating area. For the taste, you have to compromise on the ambiance.

Burgers -PiNaBu

PiNaBu is the best fast-food restaurant in Islamabad. They serve a variety of fast foods, but their burgers are from other worlds.  Overall, their burgers are the best. The size of the burger is more than enough for one person, but if you want to try their spiciest burger, then go for the Jalapeño Double Beef Burger.

It is the yummiest yet spicy burger, with the juiciest beef patties and cheesy slices. The restaurant has two outlets in Islamabad, and it has a stunning and eye-catching ambiance. It has both indoor and outdoor seating spaces.

Haleem ( Haleem Ghr ) 

Haleem Ghr is one of Islamabad’s best and oldest eateries. It serves authentic traditional cuisine. The restaurant has several outlets in Islamabad, each with spacious seating and a comfortable environment.

 Haleem Ghr’s specialty is Haleem, especially Beef Haleem. They make some of the Best Haleem in the Twin Cities. They have a variety of Haleems with endless options. You can try their Beef Haleem, Haleem Chawal, Shah Haleem, and Mughali Haleem. You will get the fresh and hot haleem with an adequate portion and the necessary garnish.

 Undoubtedly, they serve the best beef haleem in the Twin Cities. If you are out there to eat Haleem, then give them a try; your experience will be outstanding. It is a highly recommended place to visit with friends and family to enjoy mouthwatering beef haleem.

Tandoori- Boneless Handi Curry

Tandoori restaurant is famous for its delicious desi cuisine. Its food is excellent in quantity, quality, and taste. The menu covers a variety of traditional dishes.

If you want to try something delicious yet spicy, try their Boneless Handi Curry. This dish is a culinary masterpiece and will leave you amazed. It is very spicy, hot, and delicious. 

 Moreover, the beautiful theme of the whole hall and the traditional artwork are unique. It is an excellent spot to enjoy time with family due to the family-friendly atmosphere with soft music in the background. The ambience and the food quality are both up to the mark. You must try them to taste the flavours of heaven.


So, your problem of finding the Spiciest Foods In Islamabad is solved now. You know where you can satisfy your taste buds in Islamabad. Mark these restaurants for your next visit or hang out so you will not forget to try them and compromise your taste buds.

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