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World Cup Fast food Deals in Islamabad 2024

As the T20 World Cup 2024 excitement sweeps through Islamabad, PiNaBu emerges as the ultimate destination for fast food aficionados and cricket enthusiasts alike. PiNaBu offers a tempting array of fast food deals to complement the thrilling matches.

Picture yourself indulging in their signature burgers bursting with flavor, accompanied by crispy fries and refreshing beverages, all while cheering for your favorite team on the big screens. With special offers, PiNaBu promises to elevate your T20 World Cup experience to new heights of gastronomic delight.

Whether you’re gathering with friends for a match-day feast or grabbing a quick bite between innings, PiNaBu’s delectable offerings will satisfy your cravings and excite every moment of the cricketing action. Get ready to savor the flavors of the T20 World Cup at PiNaBu in Islamabad!

PiNaBu’s Best World Cup Fast Food Deals 2024

Pinabu deals

PiNaBu has introduced 4 exclusive food deals for the World Cup, which you can enjoy by watching live matches on screen. Let’s check out the deals:

Cover Drive Deal

Indulge in the perfect match companion – the Cover Drive Deal. This deal includes 1 small pizza of your choice and a refreshing cold drink, all for just Rs 650. It’s the ideal combination to keep you fueled and refreshed during intense cricket matches.

Swing Deal

For those who love burgers, the Swing Deal is a must-have. This deal features 2 delicious zinger burgers along with a serving of crispy fries and a tempting mint margarita. At just Rs 1399, it’s a complete meal that delivers on taste and value.

Bouncer Deal

Craving a hearty feast? The Bouncer Deal is the answer. Get ready to devour 3 zinger burgers, 1 generous portion of fries, 3 cold drinks to quench your thirst, and 3 pieces of succulent boneless wings, all for just Rs 1999. It’s a deal that’s sure to satisfy even the heartiest appetites.

Yorker Deal

Experience the ultimate feast with the Yorker Deal. This deal includes 3 zinger burgers, 1 mouth-watering Philly cheese chicken naan, 2 servings of crispy fries, and a small pizza to top it all off. Priced at Rs 2599, this deal is perfect for sharing with friends and family while you cheer for your favorite team.

These exclusive PiNaBu T20 World Cup deals are crafted to enhance your cricket viewing experience, so go ahead, place your order, and enjoy unbeatable flavors while you catch all the thrilling cricket action!


PiNaBu’s World Cup Fast Food Deals offer food lovers an exciting and flavorful experience during the highly anticipated World Cup event. With a diverse menu and special promotions, PiNaBu is poised to be a destination for locals and visitors seeking delicious and convenient dining options. The innovative and delectable offerings are a testament to PiNaBu’s commitment to providing high-quality food and creating memorable customer experiences.

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